A Day in the Life of a Surfing, Skating, Writer & Mother, Devon

A Day in the Life of a Surfing, Skating, Writer & Mother, Devon - Pyne and Smith Clothiers

Meet Devon, a Surfer, a Skateboarder, a Mother, a Writer. Devon’s skills include poetic writing (she has been published in multiple publications) blogging, working on her own book, surfing, and forming a Skating Collective for Women.
I came across Devon a couple of years ago on Instagram (I think she tagged a Pyne & Smith dress in a pic) and I was so excited to discover her beautiful surfing imagery and words - Devon’s IG feed @mermaidsightings .

Inspirational, motivating, raising two little’s under the age of five, and a creator of beautiful words and imagery, I’m so stoked that Devon is our “Day in the life of” feature.
(Note: I really want to join her skateboarding group! Who wants to join me?!)

You can read more about Devon and check out her work on www.taleofamermaid.com or on Instagram @mermaidsightings

To check out the Skate Collective, visit www.sheskateshere.com or IG @sheskateshere.

Tell us who you are, what you do, and a little background info about yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember who you are after so many different titles have been applied to you by yourself or other people. Pop-up-Book Reassembler? Stuffed Bear Veterinarian? Banana Bread Burner? In case that didn’t give you a hint, mainly I’m a mother. I have two daughters ages 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 (the half part really only matters to them and me). I’m a surfer. My dad taught me when I was 9, even though I didn’t really find it for myself until high school. In the past I’ve said I’m a wannabe writer. When my husband and I talk about making an LLC for me for tax write-offs etc., we joke that we should call it ‘Mermaid Money Pit’. Recently, I’m committing to the title ‘Writer’ because it’s what I’ve been doing for work for the last 10 years, even if I haven’t made much money. I’m currently working on my first book of poetry, which is both thrilling and frightening in equal measures. On a good day, all of these pursuits intertwine and influence one another.

About a year ago I started a skate collective for women called She Skates Here. We meet a few times a month at different skateparks in the area. We spend almost as much time skating as we do talking, but really this group of women has transcended me. It has altered my perspective from being a more narcissistic athlete and creator focused on my own objectives, to a more community-minded collaborator who is trying to understand and grow relationships.


What’s a typical day in the life for you?

Every night I stay up later than I should, so most mornings start out groggy and slow. My girls share the room next to ours—a garage we converted into a room with a loft bed and a crib—so my day usually begins when our three year old bursts in and bangs the adjoining door abruptly into our nightstand with a crash that reverberates through my spine. Then, my one year old shrieks “Mommy!” at the top of her lungs until I can think of nothing else but getting her (touché little bird).

I try to put on music instead of TV while I’m making breakfast and checking in on social media and emails, unless it’s a really lead-headed kind of day. My husband leaves at the crack of dawn and arrives home at dinner, since he works about an hour away. 

Each day, from a distance, looks roughly the same, but from up-close there are distinct variations I am attuned to— such as my older daughter being in preschool two half days or both girls having an activity, such as swimming lessons, on others. I arrive to almost all of the above at least 3 minutes late and with, as my daughter says, ‘ugly breath’. The most predictable and steadfast element of our days is nap time, which happens every day around 1pm (so help me God). Once the kids are in bed, I usually tidy up and settle into working. I read some poetry or a book while listening to music to get the juices flowing, then I work on my book draft. I get anywhere from 2-3 hours of alone time and then it’s back to the hustle.

Two Mondays a month I get out to skate with my girl’s group, thanks to help from a sitter. On Fridays through the weekend, when my parents are often in town, I surf for a few hours in the mornings, sometimes meeting with friends or photographers to create and hang. If my parents aren’t in town on the weekend to help, my husband and I take turns surfing while the kids play on the beach. In the evenings, we put the girls to bed around 8 and then watch surf or skate movies on YouTube or something on HBO or Netflix. Sometimes, we both work during this time and I read (if I can resist the pull of my phone) before bed. 

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