Care Guide

Natural fiber textiles are beautiful, comfortable, hardwearing and low maintenance. They don't need washing after every wear! We've created a list of tips to help you care for, and preserve, the life of your natural fiber garments.

two colorful checked linen dresses hang in the breeze


Linen is amazing! It actually softens and improves with washing and wearing.
All Pyne & Smith linen garments come to you pre-washed. Machine or hand wash in warm water. Dry by laying flat or tumble dry on low heat. Please do not bleach the linen. We recommend airing out your linen garment in between wears and spot cleaning. This will prolong your garment’s life and reduce the environmental impact.

STAINS - most stains will come out with dish soap and cool water. Firstly, moisten the stain with cool water, then gently rub a small amount of soap into the stain, rinse with cold water, and repeat a few times if needed. Try not to vigorously scrub the stain - doing it multiple times very gently is the best care for linen.

BUTTONS - do not use oxygenated detergents that contain hydrogen peroxide (such as Oxyclean or Vanish) on the buttons, and try to avoid soaking buttons for extended periods.

IRONING - we love the beautiful, crumply look that makes linen so unique! If you do need to iron your garments, it helps to iron the garment while it is still moist. Do not iron to a crease.

SLUBS - when the flax is made into yarn it can develop little nubs or 'slubs'. The slubs are not a defect in the fabric, but just a part of the character of the Linen. Sometimes the slubs will fall off, but it’s best to leave them on there, do not cut them off as this can form a hole. If it does bother you, you can use needle to push the slub into the inside of the dress.


All Pyne & Smith wool garments come to you pre-washed. Air out between wearings to reduce need for washing. Hand wash in warm water below 86 deg f/30c using a wool safe detergent. Dry by laying flat, once dry, you can press with cool iron to even out the texture.


For optimal care of your lovely socks or gloves, either hand wash or place in laundry bag in the machine to better protect the natural fibers. Lay flat to dry.