The Dig: Pyne & Smith Style Guide

The Dig cast wearing 1930's style clothing

Here at Pyne & Smith we have a favourite past time of watching movies purely to appreciate the costume design. This week I found myself (ahem... re-)watching The Dig and admiring the beauty and simplicity of the costumes.

For those who haven’t seen it, The Dig is set in 1939 Suffolk, England and is based on a true story. A widowed landowner, Edith Pretty hires a self-taught archaeologist Basil Brown to dig up burial mounds on her grounds. More archaeologists are brought on including a female archaeologist Peggy Piggott, who makes a profound discovery. It’s a beautifully slow paced movie, but my eyes were solely on the costumes. The colors, the effortlessness and the fact that they were tearing away at the earth in these hardy blouses and skirts!

The Dig star Cary Mulligan in a vintage dress and trench coat

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wanted to dress like that, so I did for a good week (…okay, maybe two). Here’s how you can incorporate The Dig into your Pyne & Smith style:

 Those collared dresses Edith wore under a camel trench coat or mauve cardigan was so minimal but such a delicate mature look! A No. 30 in either Georgian Stripe or Sage Green Linen with brown lace boots and a trench coat (or cardigan) and straw sun hat will give you a similar elegant and mature look:  


My all time favourite outfit in The Dig was Peggy Piggott’s (I love these names!), who wore the rust overall dress over a knit top and white blouse. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to recreate it, P&S style. I paired the new No. 11 Shortalls in Devon Red with the No. 16 Blouse in Biscuit Shirting Linen. Alternatively, you can wear the No. 32 Pinafore in Devon Red and add a short sleeve sweater or cardigan. Don't forget to add a pair of worn white sneakers! This look has become my gardening outfit this Spring.

The Dig movie scene featuring peggy piggott in rust overalls
Our Devon Red Shortalls with a worn pair of white sneakers and a light, airy blouse in biscuit shirting linen help create the perfect Peggy Piggott style!
Pyne and Smith Shortalls in Devon Red with white converse sneakers


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