A Day in the Life of an Illustrator, Romi Lindenberg

A Day in the Life of an Illustrator, Romi Lindenberg

Meet Romi, an illustrator who also sculpts, paints and sews; she uses an array of different mediums to create truly wondrous art. Based in Israel she finds inspiration in history, folklore and fairytales and shares with us her day to day life filled with creating, afternoon teas and slow living. Check out more of her sensational work on her Instagram : @romilindenberg.


Tell us who you are, what you do, and a little background info about yourself.

Illustrator Romi Lindenberg

Hello kindred spirits! My name is Romi. I’m an artist and illustrator based in Tel Aviv. 

I’ve been creating art since I can remember myself, always exploring new mediums, techniques and styles. For me, art is a form of expression, a way of telling a story, of setting on exciting adventures to imaginary worlds. A few years back, I established my brand “Romi Lindenberg”, now I take commissions and offer other illustration-related services.

I’m drawn to anything that winks a spark of magic, from fairytales and folklore to misty landscapes. Most of my inspiration is found in nature- I’m fascinated by leaves, petals, insects, spider webs and so much more!

When I’m not in my studio, you’ll usually find me wrapped in a cozy blanket with my nose in a book. I have a deep love for reading, especially historical novels- the kind that transports you back in time to enchanted moors and mysterious mansions.

Romi Lindenberg illustration of two ladies on the beach with parasols

From a very young age, I have been traveling around the world, observing the daily life, cultures, food, etc. of far-off places. It has always been fascinating for me and played a big role in shaping my identity; I believe it has influenced my art as well.

Recently, I discovered the concept of Slow-living. Since then, I have been maintaining a sustainable & conscious lifestyle, learning to appreciate the smallest things. These days, I spend a lot of time baking, sewing, knitting & doing other old-fashioned activities. Adapting this simple lifestyle helped me become more mindful about everything I consume and to choose small shops over large retailers. It has also influenced my art- now, I commit to using more eco-friendly materials. I believe that every little choice we make has a great influence.


What's a typical day in the life for you?

I love to open my day with a walk on the shore by the ocean in the old city of Jaffa, especially on cold winter days when I can feel the wind blowing in my hair and the chilly raindrops splash against my skin. There’s a spot which I like in particular, it’s distanced, quiet and you can get a perfect view of the sea from there. I can spend hours sitting there, watching the waves, I find this site very peaceful and inspiring.

When arriving back, I set to my studio to work on commissions and other business-related stuff, like taking photographs, creating social media posts, etc.

My workspace is filled with things that are close to my heart, like tons of dried flowers (way too many!), antique books, paintings and my most cherished possession- my heirloom Victorian sewing machine which belonged to my great-great-grandma.

Romi Lindenberg painting a Pyne & Smith dress illustration

Watercolours are my favourite medium to work with; I awfully enjoy the process of mixing different shades. When illustrating, I strive to bring the story behind each project to every artwork, to create pieces that arouse feelings in people’s hearts.

My favourite tradition is a five o’clock tea! Often, it involves freshly baked pastries which I baked earlier in the day, usually a plum crumble or a carrot cake. I always spend tea-time with my mom or friends, chatting while drinking a sweet beverage and sharing a cake. I guess that’s what makes it so important to me :)

The late afternoons are a time I devote to myself, doing activities that I like. Most days, I spend them sewing historical garments- Costuming is my deepest passion, I’m fascinated by the way dress can form identities and change one’s persona. My ambition is to someday, become a costume designer for theatrical productions!

If not sewing, I’m knitting, embroidering or doing another fun-creative activity with my hands. Sometimes, I just take this time to sketch ideas and gather inspiration in my sketchbooks.

My business has become an integral part of my creative life, I consider myself very lucky to be doing what I love, surrounded by the most amazing and supportive people!


Have a look at Romi's website for more of her work or if you're interested in commissions!

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