About Pyne & Smith

My business is based on ethics & sustainability. I’m proud that our small team of employees and contractors live and work locally in the Los Angeles area and are paid fair, livable wages. We know our manufacturers personally, they are small, family run businesses who we visit regularly. We cut and sew our dresses carefully, using small batch production.

The journey of a Pyne & Smith dress begins in a flax field in Europe. All of our linen garments are made from 100% fine European flax linen that is sustainably grown on rainwater, which is a natural fiber fabric that will not only last, but soften and improve with time.

We take a thoughtful and meticulous approach to our designs. Our linen fabric colors and patterns are custom designed and exclusive to Pyne & Smith! Our linen is made from OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, sustainably grown European flax in Lithuania (grown with rainwater). Each linen thread is dyed prior to weaving, so the patterns are woven in rather than dyed onto the fabric. This creates a beautiful, rich design thats made to last. We take chemicals seriously and only use the safest on our products. Our dyes adhere to social, economic and ethical standards required by EU laws. We don't use any harmful chemicals, dyes or softeners in our production when dyeing, weaving or washing. All our chemical suppliers are certified under REACH standard and other necessary EU laws that don't use hazardous substances.

Our packaging is environmentally responsible, both compostable and recycled.

Pyne & Smith has been featured in The Good Trade, Forbes, Real Simple, Maple Magazine, Peppermint Magazine, Darling Magazine, among others.