A Day in the life of Alex, a Fiber Artist

A Day in the life of Alex, a Fiber Artist - Pyne and Smith Clothiers

Meet Alex, an embroidering business boss girl, based in Canada, whose beautiful kits have made it possible for me and others to get through those long winter evenings - the wildflowers and bee scene patterns are so fun to work on!

You can check out Alex’s shop here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/floralsandfloss and visit her Instagram page for all the inspiring pictures here: https://www.instagram.com/floralsandflossembroidery  

I'm Alex. I'm a fiber artist living in Edmonton, Canada in a fixer-upper house with my husband and two kiddos. Before having my son 5.5 years ago, I worked at a dental office and painted oil portraits and acrylic abstracts as a side hustle. As my son got a bit older (we're talking the toddler years) it became too time consuming to pick up a paintbrush, so I thought I would try a embroidery for a new creative hobby. I bought a kit off etsy and stitched my first hoop - I fell in love with the colors and textures, and how easy it was to pick up and put down a project when my kiddo needed me. Then I made my own design which was a gift for a friend who had a baby, then another friend wanted one, then another friend, and another.
I made a little online shop and applied to my first market. Things were slow at first, which was perfect as I was mostly making custom embroidery pieces, but things sped up quicker than I ever could have expected. Now I rarely do custom work and I focus primarily on patterns, kits, and embroidery classes. 

As I work from home with my kiddos both home due to schools being closed, my days are a a mix of taking care of my kids, homeschooling, tending to the garden and my houseplants (my second favorite hobby) and doing as much work as the kiddos will let me fit in.

My workday usually involves checking emails, packing orders, putting kits together and ordering supplies, and sometimes I even get to actually stitch something! I seem to spend more time these days on the computer than actually stitching - I joke a lot that for someone with a creative business it doesn't always feel like I'm creating much. I love what I do though, and I'm grateful I get to be home with my kids while creating art and encouraging creativity in others! 

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