How To Style A Dress For Wintery Days

Pyne and Smith Model No. 30 Margate Plaid linen dress with tan leather boots

Linen often brings to mind summer weather because it is airy and breathable, but it's also a natural insulator making it great for cold weather; especially when layered with other natural fabrics. Linen will keep heat in and still be breathable so it won’t irritate your skin, keeping you warm and comfortable whilst giving you a great statement piece on a drab winter day!

Long layers are a Pyne & Smith treasure. As someone who gets cold very, very easily and struggles to expand her winter outfits (I have a habit of being under constant rotation of jeans and sweaters) I praise long winter layers! We love elegant, textured, layer upon layer outfits that make it easy to effortlessly pull together a look. Here’s a few ideas to layer your linen dress for winter:

The best way to layer a dress for winter is by considering complimentary colours/tones of your outfit and shapes. Most of our dresses are a rich, earthy tone which means they go with just about anything. You can focus on an accent color in the dress and use that color to build up layers for a put together, matching look or you can mix it up with bolder colors and contrast for a modern effortless look.

Pyne and Smith Model No. 12 Cassis linen dress with Icelandic sweater and lace up boots Pyne & Smith linen dress with knit cardigan

 (left image) Model No.12 in Cassis (right image) Image of @theconstantcloset

On those cosier days you can wear a Pyne & Smith pinafore over a high neck wool sweater or a knit shirt, add tights and boots. Vintage or second hand sweaters are cosy and affordable (and good for the environment). Pro tip: Always look in the menswear section of the thrift shop for the best wool sweaters! We also love Poshmark, eBay and Thredup for name brand second hand sweaters.

For new sweaters (while also being ethically conscious) we love L'envers FashionBabaa and Jungmaven. They’re both great for lightweight, cropped wool and cotton sweaters that compliment the shape of a P&S dress.

 Pyne & Smith Model No. 32 Pinafore in Graphite Grey linen over a knitted sweater

If you’re determined to show off those knee length dresses this Autumn (guilty!), my personal favourite outfit is to simply add on a long oversized wool coat with boots and socks peeking out. For boots we always aim for high quality that will last for years to come!

We recommend brands such as:

Model wearing Pyne & Smith linen dress with sweater, wool coat and boots Pyne & Smith full length linen dress with wool coat, tights and boots


For the more frigid wintery days a full length dress is a must under a knitted sweater, with socks, boots and a long wool coat. If you need a little bit of extra warmth for your outfits don’t be afraid to add a pair of tights! Our all time favourite is Swedish Stockings, high quality tights that are ethically made and they come in beautiful colors and patterns.

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