Thank you for your wonderful work, these clothes are stunning.  My dad was a second generation tailor and I grew up around fine fabrics and excellent stitchwork, these are exquisite pieces!
- Shaila, USA

The new cardigan arrived yesterday, and it's perfect. I love it so much
- Katherine, USA

Thanks again! And thank you for sharing your skill with the world in making classic dresses in a responsible way and out of great material!!
-Katie, USA

Just wanted to let you know I received my new pair of culottes this week and I absolutely adore them! So far I have  worn them with leggings underneath (I'm in chilly New England), and a linen dress, and they're going to go with many other items in my wardrobe. They are so comfy and cute. My only concern is that I'll wear these out, so I'll need another pair or two. Looking forward to trying your dresses eventually too. I appreciate the timelessness and quality of your clothing, thanks for making it. 
- Jenny, USA

My dresses arrived today and just wow! They are even better than I imagined and hoped! The rhubarb stripe will be great for the holidays, and the Brontë is just perfection! Thanks again.
- Susan, USA

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful these sweaters and hand warmers are. They are so soft and beautifully made. I’m very happy with all of these items!!Thank you!!
- Kimberly, USA

I love your dresses. I ordered one in 2018. It is in my weekly rotation of clothing and still looks great. I get compliments on it a lot and it is holding up better than any other garment I've ever owned.
- Kate, USA

I just got home to my bloody amazing new order!! Honestly I don’t know how you do it season after season - so many beauties.
- Brooklyn, Australia

I would seriously buy a dozen if I could. Your culottes, 35 and the Mary Jane auroras are my perfect uniform.
- Cami, USA

I got my dresses!!! Thank you SO much! Seriously! I saw that you guys upgraded the shipping (when I got the second tracking email) - I just wanted to say that your kindness and care for your customers is unreal and definitely does not go unnoticed! I already loved your dresses and how you run your company and this just sent my love over the top! Plus the dresses are SO dreamy and I'm just so in love. Thank you so much! Can't wait to wear one for my family photos this week!
- Brittany, USA

Thank you for all the beautiful dresses! I have passed a few onto my daughter (who is a second grade teacher) and she loves them as well for a “daily” dress. Please continue to create the #20 shift dress in every collection as it is immensely versatile and really, my favorite. Jeans, leggings, as a dress…….Love it! Can hardly wait for the F/W collection.
- Heidi, USA

Just wanted to let you know how much I love dress in black. There are so many great things I could say about it but mostly I just want to mention that after having worn it a LOT this summer I'm finding that it's a perfect winter layering piece due to the longer length and the simplicity of the style.
- Holly, USA

Fantastic! Was a little reluctant to buy the Mary Jane shoes- excellent purchase- and I am so please with my dresses.  Thanks for making an old lady delighted to be old and nicely dressed. I only wish that I actually looked as pretty as I feel. Thanks! 
- Deborah, USA

I received the socks and they are incredible! I thought the linen ones might be scratchy but once they’re on they are amazing and cool. Also for reference, I’m like a size 11 women’s and they do just fine for me!  Keep up the amazing beautiful work!! ❤️
- Brenna, USA

I just wanted to drop a line of gratitude. I recently purchased the No. 30 in Jade Check- my FIFTH P&S dress in my wardrobe! I love each of my pieces and get compliments on them every time I wear them. This new Jade Check dress is my absolute favorite. The pattern is nearly identical to a flannel shirt I inherited from my grandma so this dress feels like a beautiful nod to her and her spectacular style. Thank you for making clothes that fit me. I'm a 2X-3X so finding button up styles that fit has long been a challenge. Now I have an entire workweek of dresses that I love and fit comfortably! You have a faithful customer in me for life.
- Maddy, USA

I just wanted to write another note of thanks. I received the dress on Thursday… then took my first shower since getting home from the hospital, put on the dress, and really felt like me for the first time since this all happened. It’s the perfect fit and length for being in my wheelchair, and just feels so good. I hope the spring line release was a success, and you get a well-deserved break!
Thank you again ❤️
- Michele, USA

Yes, my order arrived today and I want to thank you so much for this beautiful dress! I put it on right away and I'm over the moon with how lovely it feels and fits, how much care is in the details, and how utterly gorgeous it is — both the dress and the linen.
- Lisa, USA

I wanted to message you to let you know I've ordered a few times from you.  Your clothes are made SOOOO well and the colours are always so rich.  I just LOVE LOVE my model 21 sleeveless dress.  It's perfect for layering a sweater underneath or long sleeve. I'm so happy with my purchase.  Thank you for making such amazing quality clothing for us! Have a great holiday season.
- Morgan, Canada

I just wanted to say thank you.  I received my order yesterday and I love the Oslo dress.  The color is so much better in person than in the photos.  Thank you.
- Lisa, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. I’m relatively new to P & S But I can say that your dresses have made quite a change in my life. Before finding P&S I can say I had zero sentimental connection to any of my clothes but now—-they are my prized possessions. Most of what I used to wear made me feel like a blimp. Your dresses are magical in that they hide imperfections. Every day that I put on your dresses I am more productive, I feel prettier and I know they will last for many years in my closet. I just wanted to write you real quick to say thank you. I have recently stopped teaching and am now a stay at home mom buying your dresses on a budget but they are worth every penny and I want you to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Amanda, USA

I think this about every dress I have bought from you, but they are all so much more beautiful and better made than I ever imagine. My new black puff sleeve no. 33 is so elegant, so easy, fits perfectly. I love the way I feel in this dress. Thank you!!
- Kathleen, USA

The skirt came today and I just wanted to say thanks for the guidance! You were right, the L is perfect. I love the new top stitch and have to say, this is my absolute favorite linen from you yet. It’s gorgeous and so soft. An utterly perfect skirt.
- Cari, USA

Lovely people of Pyne & Smith, I know this is a form email but I just feel called to say thank you for being a brand I love so dearly. This is my third or fourth purchase from y’all and my linen dresses are a huge wardrobe staple for me at this point. My first order was back pre pandemic, I believe, and the first dress I ever bought from you just gets better and better with age.
Thank you for being such a caring team and sending out such helpful information regularly, and making such fun and varied colors and styles. As always, I cannot wait for my next purchase.
- Maggie, USA

Thank- you!  My purchases are perfect!  And very timely delivery and fairly priced!  I am looking forward to a fall/ winter purchase.  And I am delighted to support a small American business.  Most sincerely and very grateful ( you made an old lady smile in the mirror)
- Deb, USA

Hi! I just wanted to take a second to thank you for making such beautiful clothing. My new dress for the summer arrived today, and I love it. A perfect fit! I so appreciate the effort you put into selecting your linen in an ethical manner—and the construction of this dress is perfect. Wow. 
- Lydia, USA

Your dresses are so well made.  The attention to detail and fabrics reminds me of the clothes from years ago. You are doing a great job.  We will be buying more in the fall.
- Rose, USA

The overalls fit perfect so I’m happy the size wasn’t switched out.  I love everything I got from you!  I will be living in these everyday.  Thank you for making the quality of my life so much better.  I can finally get by with a smaller wardrobe, everything is so basic and perfect.  I will never get tired of these classics.
- Debbie, USA

I know I will be a repeat customer. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to see what new fabrics you come up with. Thanks so much for a timeless quality garment made in the US that I can feel good about buying. Usually I am not this effusive but these clothes are unique.
- Amy, USA

I just wanted to say thank you for the support and great service. The dress came today and fit perfectly! I’m in love!
- Susan, USA

I received my Cassis Pinafore today, and the small size recommendation is the perfect fit for me. The piece is everything I was hoping for, and the color is divine.
- June, USA

Just a quick note to say the No. 25 St. Helier check is so so good! Thank you, thank you! I was worried about sizing and the length but it is really perfect. Flirty, super cool, breezy. I feel like a million bucks, and my husband thinks I'm the cutest Thanks for making awesome stuff!
- Lindsey, USA

Just wanted to say the dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The colours are just lovely and the weight of the linen is perfect 👌 - thank you!!!
- Louise, United Kingdom

The dresses I ordered arrived today; they are delightful and again exceeded expectations. Thank you!
- Amy, USA