A day in the life of Karmen, a visual storyteller

A day in the life of Karmen, a visual storyteller - Pyne and Smith Clothiers

Meet Karmen, a visual, story telling photographer whose talents include brand photography, creative portraits and boudoir photography. Karmen has a passion for sharing the strength, diversity and beauty of women which is shown in her #everybodyisbeautiful campaign.
Incidentally, Karmen has become a good friend on Instagram and her warm, genuine nature and sense of humor make me wish we could hang out and drink coffee regularly!

You can see Karmens portfolio work here www.kmeyerphotography.com or visit her Instagram.

Who am I?

I am a lot of things I suppose.  I am an introvert who is rather social.  I am a planner who loves a last minute adventure.  I am the most practical romantic ever.  I am a homeschool mom and photographer.  And if it isn't already apparent, I am an over-thinking, over-explainer (apologies in advance haha).  Oh, and I suppose my name would be useful.  Yes, my name is Karmen Meyer and I live in Alberta, Canada.

What do I do?

I photograph women!  I have such a huge passion for sharing the strength and diversity of women.  Whether that be by helping a female entrepreneur strengthen her online presence with brand-driven images, capturing intimate portraits or documenting her love and family;  It's all about telling her visual story.

Typical Day.

Haha, well my working day is twisted in-and-around my everyday.  But it usually looks a little something like this. 

Rise and shine and get dressed!  A lengthy process when you have two opinionated daughters!

Eat an easy breakfast.  And then we head out to feed the dogs and the ducks.  Then into the greenhouse to water the plants. And last but not least feed the cats and myself (I actually adore this rather mundane part of the day).

After we have done this my girls have time to play (at least on the days that they don't have dance or music lessons). Once they are settled, I make a coffee and get to work!  It's something new everyday but normally there is some form of editing, emails, blogging and social media. On really fun days I am photographing incredible products or people! 

Then it is right back to daily activities and learning.  I'll usually pop into my inbox or social media pages during this time but I'm working on making this a cell-phone free time.  Because real life is better, ya know?

Once the girls are in bed, I usually sneak back into my office for another hour or two of work.  But sometimes I just collapse exhausted into my chair and try to will the house into tidying itself up.  Never has worked.

Truthfully, it's a lot of juggling and flexibility.  But it works (most days) and I wouldn't have it anyways else!  Thanks for chatting!  

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