Pride & Prejudice Inspired Outfits

Pride & Prejudice Inspired Outfits

"...what excellent boiled potatoes! Many years since I've had such an exemplary vegetable."
- Mr Collins,
2005 Pride & Prejudice 

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the utter adoration a huge sector of us linen lovers have for the 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie. The Barbie movie recognized us as "depressed barbies" but I took it issue with their specific reference of the 1995 version, and have to argue that 2005 version takes the biscuit (Sorry, Colin).

From the costumes to the sets to the locations, the visual inspiration is limitless. The Bennet house remains my favorite design reference of all time, with it's beautifully aged blue wood panelling. The filming in the Bennet house was timed when the house, Groombridge Place in southern England, had just changed ownership. The new owner was willing to delay re-decorating the house until after filming had finished, so the production crew was able to fully decorate the interior of the house in a charming rustic style, set in the late 18th century.

Pride & Prejudice serves not just as an escape into a beautifully presented period movie but also as a personal style inspiration, from Lizzy and Jane’s wardrobes, to Mr Darcy’s jackets, to the house keepers dress and neckerchief combo.
After disappearing down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, I've noticed many of us share the same fascination with Lizzy Bennets style. So, here’s my P&S style guide for dressing like you’re straight out of 2005 Pride and Prejudice….

  1. Layer your linen - Linen is the ultimate in period piece dressing. You can put a modern spin on this by layering long sleeved blouses under a sleeveless linen dress. I see Lizzy in the white blouse no.18 under the dress No.21 Cassis Stripe with our black Mary Jane leather shoes, or layering a skirt under a dress - the Copper Skirt No.11 under No.35 in Hazlitt’s Check would be quite a dramatic layering style. 

    an outfit inspired by the pride and prejudice movie
  1. Longer length dresses with ankle boots and warm wool layers. We alllll know the scene, where Darcy holds his hand out for Lizzy to step into the carriage. (the little flick of the hand as he walks away...gulp!)
    Recreate this look with a full length linen dress like our No.14 dress (both Brontë Stripe or the Cocoa & Black Stripe would work) with your thickest wool coat or a chunky knit over it, some elegant ivory or mustard color merino wool socks (thin but warm) and brown leather lace up boots. 

    a long linen dress with some lace up boots and a chunky knit inspired by the pride and prejudice movie
  1. Country girl style, but elevated. The look is practical yet a little coy. You’ll need a more fitted, scoop neck style of dress and notice the slim look sleeves - No.12 in The George or Islington Check would be perfect, with some ankle socks and chelsea boots. 

    a scene of a hanging plaid linen dress and some lace up boots serves as style inspiration for pride and prejudice outfits

  2. Pinafores over dresses. Try layering our No.32 Pinafore over a longer sleeved, checked dress for the ultimate Pride & Prejudice aesthetic. 

    Pinafore dress layered over a checked long sleeve linen dress
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