Cold Comfort Farm: A Style Guide

Cold comfort farm scene with seth, flora and a bull

An original love, Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, gives insight to the personality and essence of Pyne & Smith. Written back in the 1930’s, Stella Gibbons brilliant and witty novel is about a high society, young woman determining how she can support herself as an aspiring writer after both her parents pass away. More concerned about the eccentricities of the relatives she chooses to live with than the passing of her family, her portrayal of life with extended family is brilliantly written and genuinely funny.

The novel itself highlights a rural English farming family clashing with the aristocratic world of rich and fame. On top of the hilarity of the extremism and ignorance of both worlds, something inspiring lies within. Both the movie (1995) and book exhibit the beautiful scenery, authentic characters and an urge to jump into any opportunity life throws at you, to observe and appreciate life and all its eccentricities.

 Our movie inspired style guides were well received so we’ve made another mini guide to help you dress like an affluent writer researching the eccentricities that surround you!

Flora Post wearing herringbone trousers, white blouse and knitted vest
Royal Military Canal screenshot Flora (Kate Beckinsale) © BBC, Thames Television


Inquisitive and determined, Flora Poste finds her distant family amusing yet stunted by tradition and sets out to motivate them individually to seek out life beyond the farm. For Flora’s intellectual look try a No. 15 Blouse in Cloud White Shirting tucked into some tailored trousers, or pair the No. 15 Blouse with a pair of our overalls under a knitted sweater vest and add some leather oxfords for the perfect 1930s writer look.

Fern stripe linen overalls on model holding newspaper Model facing fowards wearing blouse no.15 in cloud white

 A free natured soul and daydreamer who roams the countryside spouting poetry, Flora's cousin, Elfine, becomes one of Flora’s main transformation projects.

Two women stand in a field 
Royal Military Canal screenshot © BBC, Thames Television

To channel your inner Elfine, try a colourful flowing summer sleeveless dress, such as the Model No. 24 in Plum or our long whimsical Model No. 26 in Devon Red. Pair it with a lightweight cape or shawl, or a straw sunhat and leather sandals.

Pyne & Smith Model No. 24 dress in Plum Linen with pockets Pyne & Smith No. 26 in Devon Red full length linen dress with pockets


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