Packing linen dresses for summer travel

Packing linen dresses for summer travel
Linen is known as the essential traveling companion, due to its lightweight & cooling nature, it’s also the perfect insulator for dealing with the conundrum that is intense outdoor heat & cold indoor air conditioning. 
Linen can cover you completely, protect you from the sun all while keeping you cool, and there’s almost nothing more stylish that a loose linen dress paired with an oversize hat.
The moisture wicking qualities of linen mean that it can wick away sweat and then dry out quickly, versus its nemesis, cotton, which tends to trap moisture and keep it stuck to your skin for longer....eww. 

The ease linen brings when traveling makes it the perfect plus one (and yes, some of us may grumble about those linen crumples).
Here's some helpful packing tips:
  • Roll your items, it prevents the fold marks on linen items and actually saves space.
  • Not many of us travel with a steamer, but hanging your linen garment in a steamy shower room will relax it.
  • Body heat! 5 minutes of wearing it and you’ll watch the fold marks disappear.
  • Embrace the crumply texture, it’s stylish.
linen travel dress with suitcase
A breathable, comfortable linen dress will be one of the most versatile investments for traveling, Model No.17 or No.23 - pair with sneakers for a comfy day time adventure and then into the night with some heels and a jacket.

A long sleeved linen shirt is the perfect travel essential - wear it as a beach cover up or to dress up some denim shorts. Blouse No.18 is a classic piece, easy to wear and transition through the seasons.

linen blouse for travelling
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