A Day in the Life of Julie, a Small Business Owner

A Day in the Life of Julie, a Small Business Owner - Pyne and Smith Clothiers

Meet Julie, an artist and fellow small business owner with an adventurous past. Her witty ceramic mugs, knowledge of costume design and her vast library of little women gifs are unparalleled!

She shares with us how she balances her family, career, and creative lifestyle.
You can see Julie’s designs at etsy.com/shop/cupofseadesigns and on Instagram @cupofseadesigns

Tell us who you are, what you do, and a little background info about yourself.

I'm a graphic designer, copywriter, small business owner at Cup of Sea Designs, and mom to a 16-month-old. I live in a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband, son, and our dog. Fun facts: 1.) I've lived in the South for most of my life, but I've travelled all over the world and hope to do so as a family of three next year. 2.) My husband and I used to have an indie-folk band and played at least one show a week in Chicago for a few years. 3.) We rehabbed an old school bus into a tiny house that we lived in prior to having our son. It was definitely a magical time in our lives! Now that our lives are a bit more settled, my focus is primarily on designing and our son.

What’s a typical day in the life for you? (so, just a run through of your typical working day.)

My husband and I trade off waking up with our son, so it depends on if it's my day to wake up early or sleep in. But most days, regardless, are spent working about half the day and then trading off caring for our son for the other half of the day.

My day job consists of designing and writing for a marketing specialist, which I can luckily do at home (yay!), so my office is usually a cozy spot on the couch or sipping coffee on the back deck (when it's cool enough). When it's my turn to watch Henry, we spend a lot of time in nature, playing music, and reading together. Every night we three have dinner together (my husband enjoys cooking, thank the lordy, since I find cooking a dismal chore). After Henry goes to sleep, my husband and I like to cozy up and have creative time together for an hour or so (the item in creation can be whatever we want, as long as it isn't a work project), and then we watch a show or two before starting all over again the next day! It's a rhythm I'm sure many parents and creatives (and parent-creatives) can relate to. 


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