Summer Collection 2022

Featuring fresh, bright linen summer dresses, culottes and short overalls for hotter weather in seasonally unique colors and patterns.
Front view of model in Pyne & Smith No. 34 spaghetti strap linen dress in a knee length

Model No.34 Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress

Brighton Plaid Linen

$98 $196

Model in Pyne & Smith linen pinafore dress in a mustard and red check with her hands in patch pockets

Model No.32 The Pinafore Dress

Emmeline Check Linen

$98 $196

Model in Pyne and Smith No. 26 sleeveless linen dress in navy and white small check pattern, with model's hands in dress pockets

Model No.26 Sleeveless Dress

St. Ives Check Linen

$96 $191

Front view of model in linen short overalls in a black and tan montmarte check, with model's hands in pockets

Linen Shortalls No.11

Montmartre Check

$98 $208

Close up front view of model in Pyne and Smith No. 11 linen skirt in red and white stripe, with model's hands in skirt pockets
New Item

Linen Skirt No.11

Tenby Stripe

$105 $167