Side walking view of brown leather sandals
Front view of brown leather sandals
Ariel view of brown leather sandals
Close up of brown leather sandals
Close up side view of brown leather sandals

Brown Leather New Mexican Sandals

Brown Leather New Mexican Sandals


A simple, comfortable sandal which pairs perfectly with our summer dresses. Simply the most comfortable sandal to wear all day long. The breathable full grain leather upper and leather insole will stretch and mold to your unique feet for a custom fit with wear. Please see the 'Sizing' description below.

Shoe Size - US Womens : 8.5

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We find these shoes run true to size. Full and half sizes are available, if you are in-between sizes, please round up for a comfy fit. 
Aurora shoes should be snug (but not tight) when they are new.  After a few days of moderate wear you’ll notice the leather has stretched to accommodate your feet. All shoes are in a standard 'c' medium width.
Please try your shoes on a carpeted area - we cannot accept shoe returns with wear marks/scuffs.

Aurora Shoe Co was founded in the 1990’s on the principles of handmade craftsmanship. They a small group of dedicated artisans who make their shoes in rural, update New York. Their shoes are like their surroundings - beautiful in their simplicity and organic in their form. They use simple cuts of American leather with minimal stitching, they assemble all of their shoes in house and by hand. Aurora Shoes are unique, their shoes will form to your feet in the way that only natural materials and careful design can do.