Linen Care Guide

Linen Care Guide - Pyne and Smith Clothiers

Linen is a beautiful, hardwearing natural fabric that is easy to maintain. Here are some tips to help you preserve the life of your linen garments!

All of our Pyne & Smith garments are prewashed, so you can wear it straight away! We recommend airing out your dress in between wears and spot cleaning. This will prolong your garment’s life and reduce the environmental impact. Interesting fact: linen comes from flax which is a sustainable crop (grown on rainwater), so most of its environmental impact comes from washing and drying! So if your dress isn’t smelly, reduce those washes and hang it to air in the breeze (top tip: this works for most natural fabrics).

Washing & Drying

When your garment does need a wash, simply hand or machine wash on gentle in warm water. Dry by either lying flat or tumble dry on low heat. Initially, your linen garment will tighten up, but it will relax again with your body heat, steaming or a hot steamy iron.

Personally, we adore the beautiful, crumply texture that makes linen so unique! If you do want to iron your garments, it helps to iron the garment while it is still moist. Do not iron to a crease.

Stain removal

For treating stains we find the simplest method is best. We use a spot of Dawn soap (or dish soap equivalent) and dab it on the stain and gently rub in with some cold water.

Do not use bleach on your garment! Be careful when using any oxygenated detergents (such as Oxyclean or Vanish) as our Corozo nut buttons do not like it. We also recommend you do not soak the buttons for extended periods of time.


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