Season of the Witch

A cute pumpkin illustration of Model No.22 in Olive Green Linen
Hello October! I know I'm not the only one who is excited to pair their dresses with some wicked-looking lace up boots, pop on some spoopy tunes (take a listen to our playlist over on Spotify) and go heavy on the charcoal eyeliner. This time of the year is magical! Which leads me on to share a special collaboration featuring some magical dress illustrations....

Meet New York based artist, Stephanie Buscema. Her hand painted, whimsical art pieces are inspired by folklore, mythology, historical design and the natural & supernatural world - her illustrations couldn't be more perfect for this magical time of year. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Stephanie - she painted some portraits of dresses from our Autumn & Winter collection. 

Stephanie works on a variety of projects - illustrating comic & picture books, character design and licensing, and even textile design. She creates her imagery using traditional, hand done techniques - pencils, paint, paper. I'm utterly in love with her imagery! In addition to this, Stephanie has her own business, Kitschy Witch Designs®  You can purchase these unique prints here ( and they are only available for the month of October.)

Illustration of a cute witch

A visit to her website is the perfect opportunity to get inspired and excited for October! or the social media malarky is here.

Cute pumpkin illustration with No.22 linen dress

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